4 thoughts on “Photography

    • Thanks for the note! I’m still organizing this page. But to answer your question, the header image is a photo I took in Iceland of Hraunfossar, the lava flow falls. These falls flow into the river over a width of nearly a full kilometer.

  1. Great pictures, especially the one with the sun between the tree branches, I absolutely love the color of the sky (orange is my favorite color.) I hope to see more of your work.

    • I appreciate the comment. That particular photo was taken in South Korea, while the sun set over Mokpo. Like most of my photos, it was something I stumbled upon (rather than manipulated in advance.) Ah, if only I could manipulate the sun! That tree was one of the last standing at the top of a hill in an urban area.

      My plan in the next couple weeks is to add many more photos, and separate them into categories. I’ll also caption each photo, and write a bit about the process of discovering unexpected beauty.

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